Who We Are

Each day in our office, workshop and edit rooms our team lives by the above statement to give the best output to Wedding/Fashion/Lifestyle Photographers. To give the best products to photographers. To give the best edits to photographers.

When in return their clients love the work done, give them referrals, photographers get more and more our job is done and we take a silent pat on our back!

Our life revolves around photographers, we are always at their backend helping them grow business while we spend time at post production. The more time a photographer spends on edit table the less time he/she gets to develop business, market business and generate sales. We give you that extra time to GROW YOUR BUSINESS!

At Shootera we have built a team of highly skilled professionals who will get the best out of your shoots and make sure your clients have just one thing to say and that is “WOW”.


When you get to hear this “WOW” that moment we truely live up to our goal.

Gaurav Khera, Founder

We take care of all post shoots aspects of shoot, offering key services like
Image Editing

Delivering untouched RAW images to your client is like serving a half cooked dish. You spent so much time and energy getting this shoot!

In the non digital era people used to wait hours, days, sometimes years to get that perfect shot. Luckily you dont have to do that now, we have digital softwares at our disposal where in a few clicks can help you achieve the desired results. But if you sit down to do this,WHO WILL GROW YOUR BUSINESS?

Video Editing

Video is the most loved form of content since inception and people cherish them for a lifetime. A well edited video makes people live the life they see on screen.

Our team can help you with video editing various genres like Wedding Videos, Corporate Videos, Music Videos etc.

We use the best in class softwares and highly a highly skilled team is made to get the best output from your shoots

Album Design and Print

A perfectly made album is a heirloom for the family. Something that generations to come will get their hands on and get to see and the important days of parents, grandparents, great grandparents.

We can assist you with album designing the story for your clients, putting up images in a manner that they give a visual emotional story that your clients will fall in love with.

Our creative team is equipped to design Wedding Albums, Baby Albums, Travel Albums etc with a goal of giving the best story to still images.

Once the designs are approved and reviewed by your clients we print them in beautiful Photo Albums, with options to choose for Sizes, Sheet Qualities, Cover etc.

These photo albums become a part of the family. Everytime your client sits down to see them he/she will go back in time and cherish the memories and be sure they would say a silent “Thank You” to you for giving them beautiful bundle of memories.